Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death – Can You Fix It Yourself?

You are in the middle of a marathon gaming session, you have been killing locusts for five hours straight when the room gets lit up by a red glow coming from your Xbox 360. Your first thought is where can I find out how to fix such an issue and quickly. Your second thought would be how long is it going to be before I can get back to my game?

One option is to pack your console off to Microsoft, sure they should be able to fix it for you, or give you back a reconditioned Xbox. They will charge you around $150, unless your console is still under warranty, and you will not see your machine for 4-6 weeks. What a lot of people do not know is that nearly all red light errors can be fixed by you at home.

Each year thousands of individuals take it upon themselves to fix their consoles. A lot of the time it can be something silly that is causing the problem like your audio/video cable is not securely in place. Maybe there is a build up of dust around the vent which requires cleaning. Simple fixes that can be carried out at home.

Other fixes can be a little more tricky though, but worry not as they are still possible to do. If like many people who decide to fix their own console you do not happen to be a Microsoft Xbox repair technician this may seem a little daunting. There are many snippets of information on the Internet that will tell you how to fix certain red light errors, but before I open up my console I want to be sure that I am doing the right thing.

One particular guide that I found really useful to help me fix my Xbox 360 was James Dean’s guide. It has lots of helpful videos and information that explains clearly what you should be doing to fix your Xbox properly. He has been fixing consoles for many years now and has a wealth of experience to share.

So in answer to our opening question it is possible to fix your Xbox 360 yourself and fast as most repairs can be carried out within an hour. I would suggest before you take your console apart that you do some research in to Xbox repair and maybe even get hold of a reliable Xbox 360 repair guide that can fix your red ring of death with no hassle.

By Master