Xbox 360 – One Red Light? – Easy Way to Fix it Yourself

One of the most up to date game consoles on the market today is the Xbox 360 developed by Microsoft Corp. This game console is equipped with lights to let you know when there is a problem. One of the most common problems is that of the Xbox 360 one red light which takes place inside the console. There may be several causes for this error. Over 90% of the time this is caused by the processor getting to hot.

Most owners of the Xbox 360 have already faced many red light errors if the have owned their console for very long. People usually try fixing the problem on their own in a few different ways, such as rebooting and making sure the connections are in the correct order. This causes much frustration when the fix only lasts for a short time before encountering the same problem again.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 One Red Light Fix?

Are you considering sending your Xbox to Microsoft to get it fixed? You may want to take into consideration that you will be charged a hefty fee of about $150 unless your console happens to still be within the warranty period. Also remember the fact that you will be without your Xbox for approx. 3 weeks and possibly as long as 7 or 8 wks.

A do it Yourself Solution

1. Opening the Console

You do not need costly tools to fix your console. It only takes a small flat headed screw-driver which you probably already have. First, unplug all the cables making sure there are no connections controllers or the hard drive. Take off the outside plates on both the front and back by gently pulling one side at a time until it comes loose. Now you can get to the inside so that your Xbox 360 one red light can be repaired.

2. Removing the Motherboard

The motherboard is held together with a few screws which must be taken out. After taking out the screws you can carefully take out the motherboard. Another thing you need to get is a repair kit for using to change the xclamps that are holding the heatsink where it belongs. The xclamps are situated beneath the motherboard.

3. Replacing the X-clamps

Now it is time to change the x-clamps. This is done by turning the motherboard upside down and using a screw-driver to carefully pry the clamps off without doing any harm to the motherboard. You will now be able to take out the bolts from the heatsink. You are now ready to replace the old x-clamps with the new ones using the washers and screws that were included in your repair kit.

If your kit included compound replacement then you should remove the compound from the heatsink, clean and replace according to the directions that came with your kit. You are now ready to put the console back together by reversing the way you took it apart. If you carefully followed these instructions, your Xbox 360 one red light should now be fixed. If you would like something visual to follow, you can find a video from YouTube that will walk you through the process.

Alright, the next step is to again enjoy your gaming!

By Master