Xbox 360 E74 Fix – What’s the Best Way to Repair My Console?

Did you all of a sudden get the E74 error while you were playing your Xbox 360? This can be very frustrating. Before the release of the console, Microsoft was faced with a problem. The DVD drive was too big. So to make it fit into the console, they decreased the size of the cooling system, and as a result making it easier for the console to overheat. This is the cause of the error. What you need is an Xbox 360 E74 fix.

Tips On How You Can Get This Fixed

1) You can send your console to Microsoft and have them repair it for you. This approach generally takes up to 1 month before you get your console back. Also, if your console is no longer under warranty, it’s going to cost $140 for the repair.

2) If you want an Xbox 360 E74 fix, another option can be to send your gaming system to a repair shop. Note that this can be done in a couple of days and can cost you around $100. That being said, another approach can be…

3) Repairing it yourself. The Xbox 360 E74 fix really doesn’t take much time. The repair could be done in around 1 hour or less. Now, when you do this yourself, you won’t be playing any sort of guessing game because you will have a repair guide to help you.

How Do I Do The Xbox 360 E74 Fix On My Own?

This will be done with the use of an Xbox 360 repair guide. Not one that leaves you in the dark and has you guessing every step of the way. You could actually do more damage to your console this way.

Instead, you want a repair guide that takes out all the guess work by “taking you by the hand” and showing you exactly how to repair your gaming system with detailed, step by step instructions. So, decide on how you want to do the Xbox 360 E74 fix, and take action. Good luck!

By Master