Xbox 360 Blinking Red Light – Get Rid of it Today

What does the Xbox 360 blinking red light mean? Quite simply it means that something is wrong with your Xbox 360. Now you may be panicking, but you have no need to. The Xbox 360 blinking red light is much more common than you probably know. I’m going to give you some information that could have you playing your favorite video games before the end of the day.

The Xbox 360 blinking red light is a system put in by Microsoft to let you know that your console is not working properly. Different numbers of red light’s stand for different error codes. Some of the most common error codes, and most easily fixable are the one red light, and the three red lights codes. If you are experiencing either of these codes you have many options.

The first things you may want to try to fix the Xbox 360 blinking red light is to unplug all of the cords, use a dry cloth to clean all of the connectors, plug everything back in making sure that all connections are firm and try turn your Xbox 360 back on. This often works, and if it has done so for you great. If it did not work you are not out of luck yet.

If your warranty is still intact then you should be able to send in your Xbox and receive it back within two months. This is a long time but at least you don’t have to pay anything. If your warranty is expired and you want to send it into Microsoft you will still have to wait around two months, and you also have to pay somewhere around $150. If this seems outrageous to you, I agree on both fronts. Microsoft both charges way too much money, and takes way too long to repair the broken consoles.

So what can you do? Your best bet in my opinion is to fix your Xbox 360 blinking red light by yourself. There are repair guides online that are extremely easy to follow, only require household items, and can be purchased for a fraction of the cost that Microsoft would charge you. I actually repaired my Xbox by myself with one while it was still under warranty just because I did not want to wait the two months. The particular guide I purchased came with a text guide, and high definition videos to follow along. The guide allowed me to fix my Xbox in under two hours. Just think you could wait two months, and pay $150, or you could get a guide and go back to playing today.

By Master