Windows XP software was a leap forward in Windows operating systems when it was released in 2001 and it has continued satisfying users ever since. While it has theoretically been replaced by Windows 7, Microsoft will continue providing support, including security patches and updates, for Windows XP until 2014.
There are two basic versions of XP, one for business use and one for home which does not have the same features readily available. However, the home version does include those same features inactivated.
The burning questions for many XP users right now is whether or not they should upgrade to Windows 7 at this point. If you are not thinking to upgrade your Best Electricians Jacket PC, there really is no reason to do so right now. It will be newer models of computers that will be able to take the most advantage of the new system.
For one thing, new operating systems are really a pain to install. Everything has to be backed off the hard drive first of all. Then it will need to be reformatted. Domestic Electrician And, finally, you will be able to install the new system. Of course, the first question is actually whether or not your computer can run the new system.
After all of that, you will have to install all your programs. This is painstaking work even when you have all the proper elements to do so. Meanwhile, you old applications probably were working just fine and, for the most part, new programs will be able to be used with XP.
Perhaps the most compelling reason not to upgrade yet is that new versions of operating systems always come with bugs. You are far better off sticking with what is already working fine and let any problems be worked out. You can always make the switch with subsequent releases.
The bottom line is, XP is still a great operating system. There is a reason it has been the preferred Windows operating system for more than eight years. If you are not having problems with it, stick with it for a while longer. It will be continue to be supported until 2014. Chances are, by then, you will be ready to purchase a new computer that comes with Windows 7.
There is a reason Windows XP is used by more people in the world than any other system software. For the majority of users, no compelling reasons exist to make a change right now.

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