What to Know About the RROD

Your Xbox 360’s red ring problem

In most cases you probably have or heard of the dreaded RROD (Red Ring Of Doom) if you own an Xbox 360. In this day and age nothing is affordable even if you are just buying a pencil you end up paying a bunch. Repairs for the console are not much different from that either. You can not believe everything you see out on the internet either these days. There is no magic trick that will bring you success like that. The fact is, if your willing to put the time and effort into fixing it, you will accomplish what you want successfully.

What do I rely on now?

A lot of people have said that you can just wrap it in a towel to stop the rings. Listen, if it is overheating, then why wrap it in a towel that preserves heat? When you have gone all the distance, and nothing has been effective, this could be something to fall back on.

Most Reactions to it

During the event of the RROD most people think that their system is permanently dead. This would be what they perceive unusable, unless repaired by Microsoft for $140 just to get the job half way done. Also, many people think if they buy a new one, it would be the only way to be able to play it again. One time a person tried to sue Microsoft for shipping a broken Xbox 360 Elite when it got the red rings. People get so upset that in their viewpoint, they blame Microsoft.

The RROD itself

It is a problem that usually happens when you overheat it (playing it too much), moving it around too much, and causing it to loosen a graphics processor, or getting something stuck in it (example: food, pencils, etc.). As this has already caused problems all over the nations, this should commonly be known and hated. This does usually result in the “death” of the console.

Why Microsoft, Why?

Most of the times when you get it you almost automatically assume it is Microsoft’s fault. However, on Microsoft’s side they do try to fix these errors. Still other people believe, that they make them already in bad condition to make more money. In fact, one person tried to sue Microsoft for building a faulty one just because he got the RROD.

How could you prevent this?

Well, there are websites out there to help. You just have to search around the web to find what fits your problems.

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