By now just about every computer user has a virus scanner setup on his or her computer. In fact, those who don’t have one are getting constant reminders from their OS they better get virus protection soon; that is if they are running Windows XP or Vista. All this is good because it only takes one virus to put your computer out of business!
We often paint viruses and spyware with one brush but actually they are two separate animals. It is true there are virus cleaners that clean most spyware from the hard drive, and there are spyware cleaners that do a good job cleaning out viruses. However, even if you need two separate programs to do it, make sure you are protected against both spyware and viruses because either of these things can raise havoc with your PC, but spyware can steal your passwords and personal information as well.
A corrupt registry will cause your computer to slow down and do other unwanted things such as stop in the middle of operations and throw error messages at you. When your registry becomes corrupt, these things will happen because registry corruption doesn’t allow your operating system’s instruction to be carried out properly. Spyware and viruses slow down and disrupt your computer’s normal operations as collateral damage to their spyware and virus type missions.
Losing Your Files
When your operating system becomes very corrupted, your computer may no longer startup. In this case, a reformat would be necessary to make your hard drive usable once again. While this may Electrician Afraid Of Heights not be as bad a situation as if spyware stole all your banking information, it would mean you would lose all your MP3’s, JPG’s and documents if you didn’t have an up to the minute backup of them.
If there is a significant amount of corruption present in the registry it would be wise to clean it out quickly because registry corruption tends to build upon itself. The result could be a complete operating system failure. Of course an operating system failure means a complete system and file reinstall would be necessary. In the meantime your computer will just keep getting slower and slower and slower.
Spyware is one issue, viruses are another and registry corruption is still another. It’s a bad deal, but that is the way it is. A computer needs to be guarded against being infected by any of these three rascals. If it is not the result could be a much bigger problem than just running a scanner every once in a while.
It Takes an Arsenal
All of these enemies of your computer need to be dealt with separately. I know of no one tool that will erase registry corruption, spyware Electrician Job Salary and viruses. So, we computer owners have to be aware of the three individual problems and keep them from killing our computers.
The majority of computers I’ve seen lately come out of the box with a virus scanner included in the pre-installed software package. This is good because it leaves you only needing to get a free spyware scan and a free registry scan to see if you have an immediate need for either or both of these. Of course, even if you don’t need one right away, remember to get these programs as soon as you are able. They can be lifesavers and they are not all that expensive!

By Master