There is a wide range of printers available. Printers are made to meet the specific needs Electrical Injury Statistics 2018 of the buyer. In this article, Canon printer models and specifications will be discussed.
The personal printers that Canon offers include photo ink jet, all in one and compact photo. Resolution of color ink varies by model. Black ink is six hundred by six hundred for almost every model.
There are seven models of photo ink jet printer. The different types are regular, professional and corporate and graphic art. The regular has four products. The professional has two models. The corporate and graphic art category of printer has only one version.
Of the four regular models, their price range is fifty dollars to two hundred fifty dollars. Two different color ink resolutions are available. Sizes of the units is roughly similar at about a foot and a half long, a foot wide and half a foot tall. There is one model available that is slightly smaller at thirteen by seven by two and a half inches.
The two professional printers are priced at eight hundred fifty dollars and at five hundred dollars. They have a black ink resolution that is the highest of all the models of printers. Its resolution is four thousand eight hundred by two thousand four hundred. It is about nine inches wider than the regular. Measurements of the other dimensions are roughly the same.
The only corporate and graphic arts ink jet is four hundred dollars. It has standard resolution for black ink. Forty eight hundred by twelve hundred is the color resolution. Its size is twenty five point five by twenty point four by ten point two inches.
There are five different models of compact photo printers available. These have a price range of one hundred to two hundred dollars. They all have a resolution of three hundred by three hundred. All five models have a gradation of two hundred fifty six levels of color. Their sizes run on the small side at just about half a foot in length and width and only a few inches tall.
The all in one style of printer has two subcategories. These are office with seven different Becoming An Electrician At 40 products and photo with six different models. Both types offer models that are wireless.
The office models range in price of one hundred up to four hundred. They are only slightly larger in size than the regular ink jet printers.
The photo style will cost from seventy to three hundred dollars depending on model. They are roughly the same size as their office counterparts.
This has just been a quick rundown of Canon printers. There are many different options available for printers. Whether it is mainly photo printing or every printing job is needed, there is a printer available for the customer. They are also available to meet any budget.

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