Your PC is your best friend, when it comes to maintaining your personal and business affairs safely. Therefore, you will not want any tampering with your personal details. However, keeping it optimized demands sincere effort on your Common Electrical Problems In Houses part. You need to have profound knowledge about PC maintenance tools and PC maintenance software, which give your PC the best of longevity and durability. Take a glance at the following, if you are not aware of the maintenance tips.

Some useful PC maintenance Average Electrician Wage tips

Computer backups play an integral role in helping you maintain valuable files and disks safely. So, do not forget to prepare backups, simply by burning CD or DVDs. Besides, make good use of USB sticks and portable USB drives.

Always use protection – update the antivirus software in your PC. In case you fail to buy computer virus packages, then at least try to have free ones like AVG antivirus that is reliable for home use. Do not forget to install a Firewall in your computer to protect your computer from any alien intervention.

The Recycle bin is one place, which remains filled with too many files. So, empty the Recycle bin at least once a week, to prevent sluggish functioning of your PC.

Defragmentation once a month is important to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Keep your hard drive clear of temporary files. Since, these are merely junk files they only clog the space and slow down the functioning. Make sure that you clear the temporary files at least once a month.

Perform ‘Scan disk’ once a week to ensure PC maintenance.

If you frequently make changes to your computer or make a number of downloads within a short span of time, then run a registry cleaner, such as RegCure. This will speed up and ensure excellent performance of your computer system.

Remove the least important files for smooth functioning of your system.

The fan inside the CPU should be kept clear of hair, dust and debris. Make sure that it blows cool air to the parts of hardware and keep the CPU temperature under control. This helps a lot in proper functioning of your computer system.

Disable or delete unrecognizable items in the startup tray.

Monitor your computer system for spyware and adware.

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