Last week, our company was secured to re-wire a house in the inner city of Atlanta. We found the house robbed of all the wire in the Attic and some of the wiring in the walls had been stolen. I took a Commercial Electrician and A Residential Electrician with me to perform the residential Re-Wire the home as fast as possible. Cons Of Being An Electrician The house was about 1,900 square feet in size. I purchased almost eight hundred dollars worth of wire. As I assessed the job, I had the guys to look over the job. My residential electrician only has three years of experience. The Commercial Electrician has fifteen years of electrical construction experience.
After several days of following electrical circuits throughout the house, I realized that my Commercial Electrician was not able to perform the Electrical Troubleshooting needed as well as the inexperienced residential wiring expert. As a Master Electrician, I understand the difficulty of troubleshooting this property. As a Commercial Electricians, we use power sources in different ways. Most Residential Electricians run the Grounded Circuit, otherwise known as the neutral, into the switch boxes. In a Commercial Electrical Construction setting, the Electrician would never enter a switch box with the grounded conductor. Also wiring circuit colors are limited in residential wiring Electrical Technology Schools settings. Usually only black, white, and sometimes red wires are used. It makes it difficult for the Electrical Technician to remember what electrical circuit goes with what Wire Color. In any event, both Electricians performed their Installations properly, with minimal problems. Just because someone tells you that they are Electrical Contractors does not mean that the group is specialized in that Electrical field. Generally, Commercial Electricians have the most well rounded skill wise. Generally their skill level far exceeds the Electrical Knowledge of the Residential Electrician. In this particular instance, the residential electrician had superior electrical service ability.

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