The average house owner in Milton Keynes can with a little care, research and common sense complete a number of basic electrical jobs around the home. Most properties in Milton Keynes have a basic toolbox and local DIY centres are able to provide the necessary equipment and materials to complete simple tasks.
Three easy DIY electrical jobs
First thing with all electrical work is to switch off the mains supply.
1) Connecting cable
Strip the cables plastic cover back to expose the copper wire and twist the ends tight. If you are connecting more than one wire into a terminal, twist all other wires together as well with a What Causes Short Circuit pair of pliers. Slacken the terminal screw and insert the wires and gently tighten up once more. Make sure the wire is firmly held in place and replace the cover once all wires are connected.
2) Fitting a ceiling rose
Remove the cover from the existing rose and identify the live cable, normally brown or red on older lights, and the neutral cable normally blue or black in older buildings. Older lights or light switch cables will have more wiring and have the red/brown connected to the live terminal and the blue/black wire connected to the switch return connector. The green/yellow connects to the earth. Note their positions and reconnect with the new ceiling rose.
3) Adding an electrical Domestic Electrician spur
Once you have determined where you wish your extra socket to go, mount a 30 amp junction box on the wall. Depending on the model you may have to knock out up to three blank access points. Remove the box cover, trim the wires and connect them to the correct terminals, (check diagram with junction box). Then fix the new plug socket to the wall. Again knock out the blank access points and connect the correct wires inside the box (again check the wiring diagram supplied with the socket box). Check the wiring and then reattach the covers and test the system.
If you are unsure of any of the procedures or tools it is important that you contact a professional electrician as mistakes can prove dangerous and even fatal.

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