While installing or replacing light fixtures in your home is something that many homeowners can do yourself, it is important that you take the proper precautions whenever you are working with electricity. Because all it takes is one small misstep to be exposed Electrical Maintenance Salary to dangerously high levels of electricity, it goes without saying that it’s better to be “safe than sorry”. However, with the proper safety precautions and a little know-how, a handy homeowner can quickly and easily add or change a light fixture in any room.
Adding or Replacing a Light Fixture
As with any other time that you are working with electricity, your first concern is safety. The first thing that you should do when installing a light fixture is shut off the power at the electrical panel. While it may be tempting to just turn it off at the switch, it is highly recommended that you What Do Electrical Maintenance Technicians Do use the breaker panel to ensure that you do not accidentally flip the switch back on during your installation. By turning off the power at the breaker level, you can be completely sure that no electricity will be flowing to your outlet. Just to be sure, test the power in the area to double check.
Start by removing your old fixture, and cleaning thoroughly around it. If necessary, use sand paper to ensure that your new fixture installs smoothly and evenly. Then connect all of the wires of your new fixture, just like they were connected with the old fixture. It is very important that this is done safely, properly and in accordance with the installation instructions that came with your light fixture. Crossed or improperly connected wires can cause short circuits, fires and other hazards. After all of your wiring has been connected, you can install the housing of your light fixture. The housing gives your light its good looks, as well as an additional level of safety against exposed wires.
Changing an Electrical Outlet
If you are very handy, and have experience working with electrical outlets and other components, then it is entirely possible for you to replace an electrical outlet yourself. Because of the delicate and dangerous nature of this portion of your electrical system, it is highly recommended that you always have this performed by a professional electrician. This is especially true if you are having issues with your current outlet. An electrician can troubleshoot the problem to find the exact cause, making sure that there are not any other problems down the line.
That being said, replacing an electrical outlet is very similar to the process of changing a light fixture. Start by turning off the power at the breaker. You can then remove the outlet cover, and unscrew the outlet itself. Then unscrew and remove the wires, making sure that you know which wire is which. Take your new outlet, install the wires in the same place as the old outlet, and screw them in tight. If you ever have any doubt as to whether or not you have done any of this correctly, call an electrician to finish the job. Now replace the outlet cover and test the outlet.
Making small changes to light fixtures and other components of your home can change the atmosphere, and improve the value of your house. While some of these projects are relatively simple, there is always an element of danger involved whenever working with electricity. To get the best results, and the assurance of a safe installation, always have new lights and electrical outlets installed by a professional electrician.

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