I am a Master Electrician from Atlanta Georgia. I have been an Electrician for over twenty years. In the past few years, the evolution of surge protectors and or suppressors has been huge. At this point the National Electrical Code does not require Electrical Contractors to install surge protectors on electrical panels. I have installed over ten of these devices in residential electrical applications this year. Some of these Surge Suppression range in Basic Electrical Training Courses Free price, from fifty dollars to over three hundred dollars, for single phase, two circuits applications. The more expensive protectors provide electrical protection for the 120/240 circuits, also including telephone line and cable source buffers. They also include replaceable components so in the event of damage to the unit, a licensed electrician can replace the part without removing the entire suppression unit, while maintaining electrical protection.
Three phase Surge Protectors range in price from five hundred dollars to over two thousand dollars. The price depends on the electrical supplier and the amount of protection needed to ensure the electrical circuit’s integrity. When I install these types of protection I usually charge my customers a flat hourly rate. Although this electrical installation is not the most difficult install I perform, I would not recommend installing this Electrical buffers yourself. Most insurance Hamerville Media Group Email companies are beginning to provide discounts for property owners who have electrical upgrades installed on their property. Eventually, the National Electric Code will require Electrical Contractors to install this protection on all electrical panels. This protector is not the primary over current protection for your electrical system in your property, however, the protective equipment could be the most important component in protecting your property from fire damage.

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