In a world that is being that is abusing energy and just about every natural resource the earth has to offer is leading to many of us trying to find a way to conserve energy. Not only will this help preserve the earth and her abundance of natural resource to sustain life but it can help save thousands of dollars over the course of our lives.
1.  Turning off lights and electrical equipment you are not using
This might seem like a given but many of us keep lights, televisions, and computers running even when we are not using them. Making sure you are turning these things off can help you save money on your electric bill and help preserve the natural gases that are being used to provide this energy.
2.  Use plastic to cover windows in the winter
Using a vacuum sealed plastic covering over your windows in the winter will help keep the heat in your house. Combine this with the use of a fireplace and you are able to keep the thermostat from constant fluctuation.
3.  Keep your air conditioner running Best Tool Belt For Electricians less by turning up your thermostat
Too many people want their house to be an ice box in the summer. This causes a worldwide use of unnecessary energy. Many air conditioners come with timers and schedule programmers so making full use of the technology available to us can help keep the cost of staying cool down and the conservation of energy up.
4.  Carpool, walk, Who To Call For Electrical Problems or ride a bike
This might not be possible for some people who have long commutes to work. It is not a coincidence that we see gas prices increase during times of the year we drive more. So making use of your legs will help your pocket book, oil conservation and Mother Earth.
5.  Using energy saving light bulbs at your home and office
They do cost a little more than your average light bulb but can save huge amounts of energy when used consistently and everywhere. This is one of the easiest steps to take in energy conservation because these light bulbs are being sold in every store you can purchase lighting. You should have a licensed electrician replace as many fixtures as possible with low voltage units.

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