Just being lazy about switching off your appliances when they are not in use can affect your electricity bill.
Consumer electronics, such as TVs and hi-fis, use around 16% of your total domestic electricity bill. By switching them off when they’re not being used you will massively reduce the money you are effectively wasting.
TVs and stereos on stand-by switched off by remote control use almost as much electricity (up to 70%) as when they are on. Each year stereos left on stand-by cost A�290m and TVs A�88m in the UK alone. Over 15 million TVs are left on stand-by for about 20 hours a day.
By turning your appliances off at the on/off switch (or the main wall socket) as opposed to leaving them on stand-by you can reduce your electricity bill.
So how much can being lazy in the stand-by stakes actually cost you? The list below shows the typical cost over a year of common appliances left in stand-by mode.
TV A�6
DVD Players A�1
DVD Recorders A�5
Free-view set-top boxes A�8
Computer Monitors A�30
So leaving four televisions, a DVD recorder, a computer and a Free-view Electrical Engineering Technology Salary box in stand-by mode could be costing you over A�70 each year.
Alternatively you could get a twenty-four hour timer so the power is only on when you need it. This is especially useful for chargers which you only use for a short time over night.
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