Netbooks are very similar to laptops, but they are not exactly the same. They are significantly smaller, more light weight and cost quite a bit less as well. In just recent years, the netbook has became highly popular because of all of those features. However, many may not even know what a netbook is, or at least don’t know it by that name. You might perhaps call them by the popular mini notebook name, but even so, they are definitely not a laptop.
Below you will find a discussion of the differences between the netbook and the laptop. You may find some Insulator And Conductor to be surprising, or it may already be things you already knew but had never thought about before.
Netbooks are manufactured to be very light, the typical weight being only about three pounds or a little over. This is one of the biggest reasons why these systems are so small to begin with. The screen is usually only around ten inches in size, smaller in some cases. These small components allows the system to be highly compact, but still able to perform its duties well.
Also, a netbook only comes with the bare essentials when it comes to hardware. There are no frills here, just what it takes to get the job done. This means no DVD drive, no built in modem or anything else we are accustomed to getting with laptops.
A lot of people think the slower speed of processing is the only real downfall of having a netbook. Take in to consideration, though, the good reason for this. It was never meant to handle any type of heavy application, instead it is intended to give you a computer you can use to carry out application processes in an online setting.
The netbook is very affordable when compared to the traditional laptop. They work great for people who only need a computer for things like web browsing, email and various Electrical Problems Car other online tasks. Choosing a netbook could save you a lot of money in this sense and it can even carry out word processing and spreadsheet tasks if needed.
As newer models of the netbook are released each year, the gap between them and laptops is decreasing drastically. With so many features constantly being added, most people couldn’t even tell the difference between the two right now. With the exception of the significant size difference, of course, the general consumer would assume a netbook is a laptop without being told otherwise.

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