Simple Cure For Xbox 360 E74 Error

The Xbox is really problematic at times! There are loads of errors to handle, and out of them, the E74 error is one of the most commonly occurring problems. Like the RROD (Ring of Death), the E74 error is also based on hardware failure.

However, fixing the error is quite simple if you have a basic know how about devices and connections. If not, you should check out various videos about Xbox 360 errors and how to fix them. You could also buy the Professional Guide of the Xbox to seek out solutions of the error.

If you don’t learn to fix Xbox 360 errors at home, you might have to end up paying $140 to Microsoft and wait for around two months before your device is given back to you again.

Whenever there is an Xbox error, it would be flashing certain light patterns that would help you determine the problem. There are certain colored patterns that will show you a problem with error codes or there will be certain patterns that will show if it is a RROD problem.

The E74 error is a problem with the AV cable and you will be alerted with this problem when the Section 4 LED light is flashing. This light mainly indicates hardware failure. To fix this issue, you simply just have to change the AV cable.

If it still doesn’t work then you would have to check out the scaler chip in the device. There are two chips called the ANA and the HANA which are connected to the AV cable. Always read the instructions before you attempt to work on the device.

By Master