According to a report, most house fires are direct result of electrical malfunctions. And in many cases, homeowners did have an indication of a something fishy that they simply ignored assuming it unimportant. Apart from the reports, we often smell foul electric odors at home that we just ignore assuming them to be minor.
You shouldn’t ever underestimate such signs. You should deal with them immediately and if you personally can’t handle them then call professional help. Let’s read in detail about possible warnings signs that you may encounter:
Constant Tripping of Circuit Breaker
If you are experiencing constant tripping of circuit breaker than you shouldn’t assume it a minor fault. It should not only be handled by simply resetting the breaker. You should understand that this circuit breaker is designed to trip and automatically turn off during unexpected dangerous situations like overload circuit, short circuit, or ground fault. An overload circuit means the circuit is attached to more electrical load than its original capacity. So it normally breaks as a safety provision while too much electrical load flows through it. Getting on to short circuit, you should understand that Electrical Maintenance Log Book Format short circuit is rather a dangerous situation than overload circuit. Short circuit is caused by hot wire, when neutral wires come in contact to each other, or when there’s a break in a wire. It’s often hard to fix as it is resulted by the complications of wirings or something plugged into the outlet. Now ground fault which is referred to when hot wire somehow touches ground wire. It is also referred to as a type of short circuit. It is detected once the amount of electricity goes into the hot wire and a small part of it comes back. This difference leads circuit breaker to trip and power turn off.
Using Fuses in Place of Circuit Breaker
You should consider few important things if you are happen to use fuses instead of circuit breaker. Fuse blow is a very common thing that you should be ready for. You should never use bigger fuses for size amperage. Fuse endures a certain amount of amperage. In an overload situation, it melts away due to overheating. Fuse blows in two and power turns off. It happens when particular appliances draw too much of power. Hair dryer is a common appliance that draws too much power.
Other Signs
– Warm, discolored, and sparking Electrical Wire Sizes In Mm outlets can cause fire.
– If your appliance shocks every time you touch.
– Flickering or constant dim lights indicate over power of the electricity.
– The burning smell of an appliance.
– Misuse of wires.
– Using poor devices like switchboards.
– Improper installation.
With the help of aforementioned tips, you will be able detect the most common indication of electrical faults at your home that may lead to fires at your home. After reading the article, you will be able to act smartly during such situations.

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