Playing video games on the internet can be a good thing for your child as long as it is done in moderation. But when he becomes addicted to it that is when the problem starts. Video game addiction is so serious that doctors say it is a modern-day psychological disorder. Save your child from it as early as possible.
Taking charge of this kind of situation is your role as a parent. Let your child understand that you are the boss and the decision-maker and that he should submit A Gfci Device In A Breaker Is Intended To to you regarding house rules. But make sure you do it in a way that he will respect you instead of fear you. Instilling fear will just rouse rebellion.
Limit computer use for your child especially during school days. By setting rules on computer and internet use you are minimizing the risk for your child to be exposed Industrial Electrician Course In Canada to addictive computer games. Allow him to use the internet when doing schoolwork that requires researching online. Give consequences if your child breaks the rule.
If you are a working parent find a trusted caregiver to watch over your child until you get home. Make sure you find someone whom you can trust and someone who also cares for the welfare of your child. Lay down the rules on computer and internet use to the caregiver so that he or she can administer discipline on your behalf.
If your child has a personal computer in his room, it is best that you remove it from there and place it in an area where you can see him. The living room or the dining room can be a good place as long as it won’t cause disturbance. By doing this you will be able to monitor your child’s activities when he is using the internet.
Any form of addiction can cause its victim to create a world of his own. To prevent this, keep your child’s mind from computer and online games by distracting him with other activities. Invite him to play basketball or baseball with you when you both have the free time. Gather the whole family and play educational games together like Boggle or Scrabble. This way you will save him from developing an addiction to video games.

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