For those whose job requires them to be very mobile, always going from one spot to another, the Sennheiser RS 140 wireless headphones will be very useful. These headphones Electrical Wholesaler Magazine have the advantage of being rechargeable. One can use them even when taking another call. These headphones will be very useful for those who attending a conference.
Switchable equipment which has a compression system makes it possible to have very good sound quality. Controls to adjust the volume of sound are provided for both headphones.
You will find that voices coming through the headphones are very clear. You can also increase the volume of sound of your TV.
People who have lost some of their hearing will find these headphones very helpful because these headphones significantly improve the quality of sound, making the voices very clear.
Sennheiser RS 140 wireless headphones are provided with an auto tuning mechanism that is provided with memory. The clear sound, and its excellent quality, is produced by the automatic signal control which guarantees very good reception.
Sennheiser RS 140 wireless headphones are very handy to carry about or put away because they are light-weight and compactly built. Weighing just 2 pounds and measuring 8x9x4 inches, one can wear them for hours without feeling bothered about them.
When you get yourself Sennheiser RS 140 wireless headphones you will not require any additional equipment. The set comes with everything that is needed: headphones, earplugs, NiMH batteries with a charging stand, transmitter and a A� inch plug adapter.
You will find that you receive optimum signal reception because the headphones are provided with self-learning automatic level control.
It is easy to recharge the NiMH batteries that provide the power for the system. You just place the headphones on their transmitter base which can be easily fixed on the wall.
Once the batteries are charged they will serve for 23 hours, which is nearly a day. You need not therefore worry about taking them long adventure trips.
Sennheiser RS 140 wireless headphones have a maximum transmission range Electrical Project Video of 150 meters and their frequency response ranges from 18hz to 21kHz.
Perhaps your neighborhood is noisy. In that case you can adjust the high output level.
The pleasure you get from listening to great sound will be unmatched. These wireless headphones come with a two year warranty. You are also assured of excellent service.
There are however some drawbacks. Since there no keypad on the headset, it will not be possible to make calls or switch lines.
In spite of this limitation, Sennheiser RS 140 wireless headphones will certainly be an excellent device to have if you are an official who has to be very mobile at work, or have some hearing loss, or you have a passion for listening to music. It is also very attractively priced.

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