Hey, are you getting unwanted pop messages of Antivirus, Shield, Security, Protection, or Fixer, while you are surfing or downloading files from the internet, if yes, beware!! This is rouge security software, which is a form of internet fraud that Electrical Tools Pdf takes users to the paying money sites for fake removal of malware or claim to get rid of malwares, but instead they actually introduce malware to your computer system. It has become a serious security threat to the computer system these days.
The steps to remove this malicious software from the computer system are as follows,
• Run windows update to get the latest updates of Microsoft windows, so that you can get latest security updates.
– Click the start button, click all programs, and then click windows update.
• Run Microsoft security essential which is free of cost from Microsoft to remove this malicious software.
– Download the latest version from Microsoft site according to your windows version.
– Click start, click documents and open the folder where you have saved the file.
– Right-click , click run as administrator, and then click run.
• Run the free Microsoft security scanner, by downloading it from the Microsoft site.
If rouge security software still exists, you can manually remove it. The steps to manually remove the rouge security software are as follows,
• Find the name of the rouge security software on your computer such as XP antivirus 2012, XP security 2012 and so on.
• Restart your computer.
• When you see the windows logo, repeatedly press F8 key.
• Open safe mode with networking and press enter.
• Click start and check whether rouge security software exist on the start menu.
• If not, click all programs, and then find it their.
• Right click the rouge security program and then click properties.
• Click the shortcut tab.
• Check the path of the rogue security software program that is listed in Target, in the properties dialogue box.
• Click open file location.
• In the Program Files window, click Program Files in the address bar.
• Find the rouge security program folder.
• Right click the folder and then click delete.
• Restart your computer.
• Run the Microsoft How To Test Electric Circuit In Home security scanner.
• Scan the computer through Microsoft security essential, the steps to do so are as follows,
– Click start, click all programs, and then click Microsoft security essential.
– On the home tab, select one of the options of full scan, and click scan now.
Friends, these are the ways by which you can remove rouge security programs from your computer, if you want to keep them always away turn on your firewall with high security checks.
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