Restore Your Xbox 360 From Three Red Light Errors

The red light errors are those that are now talked among the Xbox 360 owners. The Xbox 360 is a video game console that is introduced in the year 2005. Xbox 360 was reviewed as one of the best console when it was introduced because of the features and its affordable price. But, owners complain that the console has some hardware problem in it. The console is exhibiting some sort of red lights in the power ring when they play for long hours. Specifically they find three red lights glowing in the power ring area.


The problem is named as the “Three Red Light Error” as three red lights are glowing in the power ring area. This error is also otherwise called as “Red Rings of Death” or shortly as RRoD. The name is because of the symbolic representation of the sudden death of the console when this error occurs leaving no chance for the console to get back to its normal operation.

The problem is found to be because of the overheating of the console due to playing for long hours. Basically the video game console devices are designed to withstand long playing hours. The reason for the development of abnormal heat is that the console is closely packed with components and as a result, external air that is necessary for cooling had become inadequate to cool the main processors of the motherboard. If this problem is unnoticed, the graphical processing unit will be affected. Sometimes, this three red lights error is accompanied by an error message E74 on the screen. Thus to avoid the occurrence of the red light error the heat developed must be brought to a minimum level.

The various factors that resulted in the occurrence of the three red light error are failure of the heat sinks to cool the entire hot air developed near the processors, large current absorption by the intercooler fan through the motherboard’s main power source (this also dissipates more heat) resulting in damage to other healthy circuit components.


The best solution to solve the RRoD is to remove the X clamps that hold the heat sinks. The purpose of removal is that it can increase the amount of air flowing from the external atmosphere to the console through its ventilation holes. Thus the processors are cooled from the downward direction. Also the repairing work can be done easily on your own in just an hour. To make the repair work much easier, there are some video tutorials available in the internet and these videos will guide you through the step by step repair process. You can also repair modded consoles in this way.

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