Repairing the Red Light Error on Your Xbox 360 Motherboard

How frustrating is it to be playing an awesome game on your Xbox, to be then disrupted by a never ending red light on the system? How annoying! But the best thing about all this is that you can repair this red light error! Hence, there is no need to worry that your Xbox life is over, because it isn’t! All in all, you must be wondering what causes these red light errors. Well, it boils down to heat! This is due to the fact that the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) has become loose. Essentially, the GPU is the motherboard, which is also referred to as the 360 motherboard.

But as stated earlier, these problems can be altered easily which would entail cleaning the 360 motherboard. In fact, it has been estimated that one can take the maximum, an hour to repair these red light errors. Now, one can either choose to repair this red light error by themselves or let the manufacturer, Microsoft do the job! Either way is fine but remember, there is a $100 cost attached to shipping your Xbox to Microsoft so that they can make the modifications. But this is all if your warranty has expired; otherwise, just contact the repair center for additional information and support.

With regards to fixing this red light error yourself, there is one important factor which one must adhere to and that involves not using the “bath towel technique”! Regardless of what you might read elsewhere, using this technique to ‘cool’ down the system will in fact do the exact opposite. The point is not to increase the temperature of the console but to decrease it and wrapping it in a bath towel will only increase heat! The best thing would be to switch off the Xbox immediately and allowing it a few minutes to decrease the temperature. Only when the system has cooled down, should it be restarted!

However your best bet would be to follow an online repair manual that will be able to guide you through the entire process of repairing the red light error! More importantly, it helps you to avoid making those serious mistakes that can ultimately damage your 360 motherboard. The best manuals include a step by step video with instructions. Hence, you not only will read, but will also see the detailed procedure of this simple task.

If neither of these two options mentioned above seem feasible to you, then you can always take your Xbox to your nearest computer technician who might charge you as much as Microsoft or even more! But whatever your choice is, remember this red light error can be fixed, so there is no need to worry that your Xbox 360 motherboard is wrecked! So next time you see those flashing red lights, don’t go into panic mode but action mode!

By Master