Red Ring of Death Repair – Tips For Fixing Xbox Red Lights of Death

A lot of people who own a Xbox know that they are something that is often plagued with an error which causes the unit to freeze. This is usually because of a lot of heat in the unit. There are a couple of ways that this can be fixed so that you can play your unit again and get a red ring of death repair.

The first thing that you can do to get your console fixed is to send it into a service center that Microsoft has. If your system is under warranty, then it will not cost for the repair but you have to pay for shipping charges. If your warranty has expired, then you should expect to pay about $140 plus the shipping. Besides the amount you have to pay, you should also expect to wait at least six weeks before you get your console back, so that’s something that people don’t like.

Fro most people paying all the money is just too much so what can you do for a red ring of death repair?

If you are mechanically inclined, you can fix it yourself. To repair it, you have to know why it’s not working. There are normally a few main reasons.

#1. Not enough ventilation or a flaw in the design for the motherboard and the GPU, which might not be in the right position. Turn off your system and let it cool down. Then disconnect the cables and let your console cool down for an hour. You should be able to restart it after that. If it still does not work try the next step.

#2. Do the same as in step 1 but disconnect anything attached to the console such as the controller and if it has a hard drive attached remove that as well. Turn the console back on after a further 30 minutes. If it works after this you may have a faulty hard drive or controller.

#3. If your console still does not work then it is time to repair it. The console is quite easy to open. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing you how to get it apart and it is easier than you think. Once you have done this. You need to get an Xbox repair kit. This will replace the X-clamps and the mounting screws in the processor and doing this is very straightforward as they come with clear instructions.

To avoid causing irreversible damage to the console follow the instructions carefully. The console can be fixed in an hour or less if you follow the instructions for the red ring of death repair and you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars or wait for six weeks to get your console back. Fix your console yourself now.

By Master