With Britain mounting another soaring recession, many have started to wonder whether it is possible to have a “Recession Proof” job. It is said that working in the chocolate, alcohol, adult, or gambling industries might just be the “recession proof” careers everyone is looking for; simply because the products related to those industries are the things people Electrical Technology Degree Salary may turn to when times are rough. Feeling down? Have a drink. Feeling blue? A bar of chocolate may do the trick! A number of websites have put together top tens of ‘recession proof’ careers, and although most top tens were significantly different, many of them included teaching jobs, public services, IT, environment, the NHS, engineering, and accountancy.
Due to the constant demand for teachers, and the fact that training is both affordable and manageable it is no surprise that this career was listed as the second most desirable job. The NHS and public sector jobs speak for themselves as there will always be a requirement involving these two particular positions. But considering a number of aspects, it is rather surprising how electrical careers aren’t mentioned within the majority of the top tens. With a possible income of over A�50,000 a year, the electrician field has become an extremely desirable career to join, and over the years, a variety of people have chosen to leave their current career and re-train as successful electricians.
The majority of people aren’t aware of how big the demand for domestic electrical work is. Competent electricians will receive frequent work from a variety of customer bases. Home owners constantly require electricians for home improvement work and for fixing faults. Home builders require electricians to help them build new homes and are constantly in demand due to a national shortage. Renewable Energy Installations require electricians on a daily basis to help stall Solar PV and other renewable energy systems which are currently in very high demand and vehicle garages may require domestic electricians to fix and install electrical systems within cars and trucks. Alternatively, qualified electricians have the option to become self-employed and even hire their own team of electricians to help grow their own business.
With a vast array of training courses for competent electricians to improve their skills, there are currently only a small number courses which are specifically designed for those with little or no electrical experience at all. Completing a Domestic electrician experience course will provide applicants with the knowledge and skills required to reach the required level of competence in order to carry out simple electrical work, or proceed on to their new found career as an electrician and join a Competent Persons Scheme.
Once electricians are hold the necessary qualifications and experience in order to be considered competent, there are a wide range of other training courses they could follow, including Solar PV Training, and PAT Testing courses. Alternatively, there How To Become A Licensed Electrician In Texas are training courses which specialise specifically in part p qualifications and 17th edition qualifications (often known as City & Guilds 2382 qualifications), both of which are required to join any Government approved Competent Persons scheme.
Those who interested in the training for part p qualifications, City & Guild 2393 training course are advised to carefully consider a training facility before fully enrolling onto the course. When considering re-training for a new career it is recommended to contact a licensed electrical training company to enquire about the qualifications and experience required before proceeding any further measurements.

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