Electrical injuries can be very dangerous, as well as easily prevented. Whenever you are dealing with electricity, you run the risk of electrical shock. This can cause both internal and external burning and damage. It can also lead to cardiac arrest. In order to protect yourself from this type of injury, you should follow a few simple rules whenever working with or around electricity. Safety should be your first priority, regardless of whether you are an experienced electrician, a handyman or a do-it-yourselfer. By using common sense and following the advice below, you can greatly reduce your chances of being injured by electricity.
Never Put Water on an Electrical Fire
This one should be common sense for everyone. It bears repeating, however. Whenever you find yourself confronted with an electrical fire, it can be hard to fight the urge to throw some water at it. Water is a strong conductor of electricity, and adding water to the blaze could be very dangerous. Use a chemical fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Next, turn off the power source as soon as possible. If necessary, call a local electrician to fix whatever caused the fire in the first place.
Always Turn Off The Power Before Working
If you are replacing a light bulb, working on an outlet or switch, or anything else that involves your electrical system, always double check to make sure the power is turned off. Resist the urge to tempt your luck. Electrical shocks can be lethal.
Never Touch Power Lines
This is another that goes without saying. If you are outdoors and come across power lines that are on the ground, stay at least 10 feet away. Electrical current can Electrical Wire Insulation Types flow through the ground from these high-voltage lines. Your best bet is to call your local utility company, as well as 911 to alert them of the downed power lines.
Don’t Use Extension Cords As a Permanent Fix
Extension cords can be one of the most hazardous electrical items out there. This is because you generally do not see them as a potential danger. You should never, however, use an extension cord to permanently fix a power problem. Your cords can deteriorate or fray, especially if covered by a rug or other item. This can, in turn, lead to electrical shock or fire. Rather than using an extension cord, have an electrician install a more conveniently located outlet.
Stay Alert and Aware
No matter what you are working on, always be alert and aware if you are anywhere near electricity. This means not operating electrical items in water, stepping on extension cords Types Of Insulator or leaving breakers on during a job. If you have small kids, protect your home with child-safe outlet covers. You can never be too careful when it comes to electrical safety.
With a little bit of knowledge and a lot of common sense, almost all electrical injuries can be easily avoided. The majority of all mishaps are a result of someone not understanding, not respecting or ignoring the electrical power that they are near. Do yourself a favor. Educate yourself on the dangers of electricity, respect its power, and be safe.

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