Anyone who wants to communicate with both comfort and fashion will love the Plantronics CS70 Wireless Office Headset System.
Executives who use this headset are able to keep Over Voltage- Under Voltage Protection System in touch all day while they are on the move.
The over-the-ear design and the lightweight body allow it to be worn comfortably throughout the day.
Even though the earpiece is one unit, you won’t realize you’ve had it on the entire day because it is designed to be that comfortable.
There is a range of 300 feet from the base phone, so you can still remain connected in different sections of the building thanks to this stylish technological design.
The Plantronics CS70 Wireless Headset has a voice-dedicated DECT 6.0 technology that allows interference from other devices on different frequencies to be lowered, offers encrypted information that is secure, and provides wonderful sound quality.
Calls can be answered at a distance with the optional lifted handset. It also comes with a special Voice Tube that offers great clarity and excellent sound quality.
Calls cannot be made using the headset, since there is no keypad, but there is a device that allows calls to be ended remotely.
You will need to return to the phone base to make a call, as there are no available devices that allow calls to be made from the headset.
You can keep up with your busy schedule and remain on the move while staying connected with one step remote answering.
This sophisticated device allows communication that is entirely hands-free and can be Who To Call For Electrical Problems worn throughout the day, because it is lightweight, sophisticated, and 100% wireless.
Fluctuating noise levels in your environment are not a problem when you have the separate volume control button.
This device is compatible with all single and multi-line phones. It also allows for longer connection times, since it provides more than six hours continuous talk time.

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