Netbooks are in the news as they look good and come at a reasonable price which is a prerequisite for any buy in this time of recession. This is because they are easy to operate, portable and easy to use if blogging, emailing or into social networking. It would be advisable to consider all the factors included in the Netbooks as each one is different and even though the prices may fluctuate minimally each machine is unique with features tailor-made for you.
To compare netbooks consider the following features, there are many compare sites on line which will allow you to compare features and prices. Netbooks are nothing but miniaturized Electrician Benefits laptops therefore the factors to consider as same. The CPU will mostly be the Atom processor or N270 at 1. 6 GHz of speed and are designed for energy efficiency.
Slightly costlier netbooks may have the N280, yet there are other chipsets available. Netbooks have a regular memory of 512MB with a 1GB RAM, there are a few models which allow you to add on memory which will be a pro if your netbook runs on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. But to speed up the netbook with Hackintosh or Linux based systems are recommended.
The memory of the solid state hard drive may vary from 4, 8 or 16 GB or even higher. The pros of these smaller memories are that these mini laptops boot faster the only con is that they wear out very soon. It is recommended to put lighter operating systems on the mini laptops as the capacity of these hard drives is less. Netbooks should be upgradable but most come with a memory of 60, 80, 120 to 160 GB in memory which can play videos and other multimedia files.
The hard drives used in most laptops add to the weight and take up more electrical energy. The netbooks are 2-4 pounds in weight and the weight is Industrial Electrician Test due to the battery and screen. The webcam should have 0. 3 to 1. 3 megapixels with a good resolution which would facilitate video conferencing.
There are various kinds of touch pads and keypads which are almost 80 to 100% of the original size but it is advisable to visit a store and have a hands-on physical experience of these books. The netbooks can surf the Internet through the slots for connectivity via the B/N/cellular and G netbooks which come with the EVDO device.
The Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth and Ethernet 10/100 are the devices that provide connectivity. The VGA connection of the netbooks allows it to be connected to the other monitors and also the USB ports, mics and head phones.

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