My Xbox 360 Will Not Play Games! Do I Need to Replace the Drive? Find Out Here!

If you are reading this then you are probably suffering from an Xbox 360 that will not play your games when you put a disc in. This is becoming an increasing problem and this article will tell you what causes it and also what options you have to fix your console.

The first question that comes up with this problem is:

“Do I Need To Replace My DVD Drive?”

This error is caused by the sensors on the back of the DVD drive overheating, it is not normally the drive itself that is faulty.

So many people think that they can choose a third party company to just replace the drive for them and waste a lot of money replacing the drive and find out that it was not the drive that was faulty in the first place.

Of course you can send it in to get it repaired but the problem with this error as it will take four weeks for the repair and you may also have to pay out $140 in a repair bill.

So is there any way you can fix it yourself?

There are guides out there that will tell you how to fix this problem. The problems arise in finding a good guide that has a proven track record and one that you will know will fix the problem.

If you are going to go down this road I advise that you look for a guide that gives you a preview of the actual fix, another thing to look for is a money back guarantee and make sure it is no questions asked!

Lastly you should also look for good customer support so you can be sure if you do come across any more problems someone is there to help.

If in doubt I advise that you send it back and just put up with the wait however annoying this may be.

As a side note if you do not want to follow the two options above here is a little tip that may just get your Xbox 360 working again.

Sometimes the lens is slightly off, and you may be able to fix it if you stand your Xbox 360 vertically, and firmly squeeze where the DVD drive is.

This can push the lens back in place and it may just work for you!

I hope this article has told you a bit more about the error where your Xbox 360 will not play your games any options you have to repair it quickly.

By Master