Residential electricians in Calgary see safety, innovation and efficiency as key elements in home building and renovation. Of course, it is no secret that residential electrical systems are Electrical Contractor Material List much more efficient and safe than they once were. With the current trends toward sustainability and conservation, Calgary electricians are also seeing increased innovations in this area.
While modern wiring is well-known for being much safer than old 60-amp electrical service or knob and tube wiring, one thing that has not been improved until very recently is the design of wall outlets. They older style of outlet poses a grave threat to young children. A recent innovation that is currently making waves in the Calgary electrician industry is the move toward tamper resistant electrical receptacles.
The simple yet clever design of these receptacles is so effective in preventing injuries and burns that are a result of the natural curiosity of young children that the new National Electrical Code has How To Fix An Electrical Short In A House made them a requirement in all new and renovated dwellings. Residential electricians in Calgary can provide further information on how to obtain these receptacles, and can even install them for you.
Another innovation, and one that the environmentally conscious will be particularly interested in, is energy efficient light fixtures. Calgary electricians are seeing a rapidly increasing popularity in this type of light fixture, just as they are with other types of larger energy efficient appliances. These fixtures, which are almost the standard in new home building, have many advantages over older, less efficient models. Most obviously, they use less energy than traditional fixtures, thereby reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that are sent into the atmosphere as well as saving the homeowner money. But residential electricians in Calgary are quick to point out the other advantages, such as the more even light distribution, and the hundreds of choices in decorative styles and features such as dimmers, timers and motion sensors.
Of course, if you are going to invest in energy efficient light fixtures, most Calgary electricians will suggest that you also use the newer style of energy efficient light bulb, also known as LED lights. These lights have many advantages over the older style of bulb. For one, they are longer lasting (up to ten times!). Secondly, they are more durable, standing up better to bumping and jarring. A third advantage is that no mercury is used in their of course they are more efficient, using less electricity thereby making them more cost effective and putting more money in your pocket. While residential electricians in Calgary don’t necessarily participate in the selection and installation of light bulbs, they will be able to answer any questions you might have about them.
These are, of course, just a few of the innovations made in modern day electrical systems, but there are many, many more. Calgary electricians will be able inform you, and help find and install all kinds of interesting and innovative electrical systems and appliances in your home.

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