The mobile phones of the past were quite interesting compared to today’s models. The old phones were large, bulky and had no features. Today’s phones are light, compact and have various features, like cameras, email and internet access. People did not use the old phones much, but today almost everyone has a mobile phone. If mobile phones have changed so much so far, then what does the future look like?
Appearance – Phones are taking on more and more capabilities. Flexi screens cannot be too far away. A flexible screen will permit your mobile phone to be integrated into your clothes. Think about it: you are walking along and you lift the cuff Electrician Career Advice of your shirt and type a number on to it. Then your earring or the arm of your eyeglasses serves as your mouthpiece. Actually, there may not even be a need for a keypad – improvements in voice recognition systems would put an end to those.
Battery Life – Batteries have been a concern since mobile phones were first invented. In the beginning they were hooked into a car and were not really mobile at all. Battery life has been something that has been worked on a lot. As people start to use their phones more and the technology advances, the battery life has to advance, too. charging the battery can be done in various now and it will surely advance in the future. There is an idea that one day there will be hot spots where you simply stand and your phone battery charges. Wireless charging is probably not too far off in the future.
Entertainment – Right now you turn on your television and you can choose from hundreds of channels. Some cable companies offer thousands. The mobile phones of tomorrow will make these channels available on your phone as well. The phone’s capability to live stream will make watching television on your phone easy and pleasurable. Your phone will have the gaming capability of a Wii or an X-box. Your phone will serve as your personal music player with high quality speakers. In short, the mobile phones of tomorrow will be an entertainment mega-source.
Lifestyle – We already use our phones for a number of day to day needs, from scheduling to email to GPS directions. Imagine it going beyond this: you could shop online with your phone, or Family Handyman Electrical Wiring order coffee or a meal ahead of time on your way to a shop. You could even control your home’s heating system or other features with your phone to have it ready for you on your return.

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