If you are currently in the electrical industry, you know the importance of being on task and due diligence in your work. Yet many electricians will let their certifications lapse or they choose not to view learning as an ongoing challenge. In order to have a stellar career as an electrician, you must always be ready to learn and to mentor.
Obtain Highly Sought Skills Online
One hurdle with electricians is the need for continuing education. It is amazing that some in the industry lose their certification. In California, 20% of the workforce does not renew their certification. Online Electrical Safety At Home Electrical Training allows you to keep current with code changes and is a great refresher so that you will pass the all-important certification exams. The courses are convenient and work well with any schedule.
Geared toward the busy professional
California Electrical Training has an online program for those already working for electrical contractors. They have a full-time work schedule with an over-committed family life. This makes attending traditional nigh school nearly impossible. Luckily, there are online program that cater to these individuals. Courses are set up with approximately 24 hours of subject matter/assignment due each month. You can adjust your study time according to your unique schedule. In you work the second shift, you can adjust your study schedule to before or after work. This flexibility gives online programs an advantage over traditional programs. In addition, since hands-on training is critical in the electrical industry, only one lab class offered on one weekend a month is required.
Advancement Opportunities
Online Electrical Training is a precursor for advancement. Experienced electricians move up to become supervisors. They are promoted to projected manager or construction superintendents. Some become electrical inspectors. While others work as maintenance electricians in other industries. The need for electricians will continue as more power plants are constructed. How To Win Electrical Contracts Additionally, many older structures will require an electrician’s skill to correct problems so that the buildings meet modern codes. Salaries vary among electricians according to skill and responsibility. In 2006, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median hourly wage was $20.97 with the highest 10% earning more than $34.95 per hour.
Learning is a life-long process
California Electrical Training prepares electricians for examinations that test their knowledge of electrical theory, the National Electrical Code and local electric and building codes. Periodically, an electrician’s union or employer may require him to enroll in courses to find out about changes in the National Electrical Code.

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