Electricity and power are utilities that we cannot live without. Homes and businesses will not function normally if the lights are out. Being an electrician may be a very humble profession that plays a very important role in our daily lives.
What exactly is an Electrician job description? An Electrician’s job is to install, test, connect and maintain electrical systems for several purposes like climate control, communications and security. Their tasks include installation and maintenance of electronic controls for machines for business and industrial purposes. Most electricians specialize in maintenance or construction. Some electricians can do both.
Electricians use blueprints in installing electrical systems in homes, offices, factories, building and other structures. Blueprints serve as their guide in locating Master Electrician Jobs circuits, outlets, load centers, panel boards and other equipment. Electricians must comply with the National Electric Code and State and Local Building codes.
Aside from installing a building’s electrical system, electricians also install cabling for computers and other telecommunications equipment. Electrician Salary They also connect machines or motors to the electrical source of power and also install electronic controls to operate industrial equipment.
Electricians perform a lot of maintenance work. They are required to inspect equipment periodically and locate and fix problems before a breakdown in the systems happen. They work closely with engineers, engineering technicians or industrial machinery and maintenance workers in installing with more complex electronic devices.
An electrician’s work schedule can be very strenuous. They work standing for long periods on ladders and scaffolds. The working environment may be in a dirty, dusty, hot or wet condition. Sometimes they work in confined areas such as ditches. Electricians are at a high risk for accidents from electrical shock, falls, cuts and other injuries. Jobsites may take them to long distances of travel. For all a day’s work, an electrician is paid by the hour for his time and experience on the job. On the average, an electrician can earn $19.29 per hour.

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