Never attempt to “do it yourself” when it comes to dangerous residential or commercial electrical work. For safe and secure wiring, generator services, electrical panel upgrades, and so much more, make the switch to your local, licensed electrical contractor.
Property maintenance can account for one of your largest annual expenditures, especially when you tack on the cost of hiring a professional to do the labor. Which is why, these days, so many home- and business owners just like you are joining the do-it-yourself movement and deciding to take remodeling and repair projects into their own hands. After all, a lot of building and grounds upkeep jobs, such as painting, basic carpentry, and landscaping, are generally safe and don’t require a great deal of skilled training to achieve a desired result. Electrical work, however, is an entirely different story. Fraught with potential pitfalls that could result in serious injury or even death, electrical contract work is one area where you always want to defer to a licensed professional.
A simple rule to follow is: if it involves wires, leave it to your licensed electrical contractor. For your home or business, that can cover a wide variety of installation and repair tasks, including:
* Residential and commercial wiring and rewiring
* Light switch and outlet Electrical Installation Calculations Pdf installation
* Light fixture and ceiling Ontario Electrician License Types fan installation
* Outdoor and security lighting
* Appliance and generator installation
* Cable, data, and phone wiring
* Electrical panel upgrades
* And much more
In addition to helping you prevent the dangers of rookie electrical errors, such as shocks, fires, and electrocution, your local electrician is also the professional to call if you’re buying, selling, or remodeling a home and need to conduct a thorough home electrical safety inspection. Qualified electrical contractors are experts in spotting and resolving code violations. They can even assist you with an energy audit to help you analyze your electrical usage for waste and increase efficiency.
With warmer weather approaching, now is the time to prepare your home or business for any storm-related power outages. Count on your local licensed electrician to design and install a high-tech generator system that will automatically come on when the power shuts off. Utility work, accidents, and severe weather can all wreak havoc on the power supply coming into your building. With a standby generator installation to ensure your continuous electrical service, you can rest easy when problems occur, knowing that all of your systems will still be up and running, including lights, refrigeration, air, security, sump pumps, and anything else you need.
If you have problems with underpowered appliances, frequently blown fuses, or flickering lights, then your professional electrical contractor can hook you up with an electrical panel upgrade. By replacing your current breaker panel or fuse box, wiring and all, you can eliminate your outdated electric panel and bring your home or business more in line with today’s high-tech lighting systems and sophisticated appliances.
So don’t allow your DIY wiring job to result in a frantic SOS. Leave all of your risk-ridden electric work, whether residential or commercial, to your local licensed electrical contractor. A simple call or e-mail can get you started right away on standby generator installation, electrical panel upgrades, or whatever other professional electrical assistance your property requires.

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