If You Need to Copy Xbox 360 Games, You Need to Use This Specialist Software

There’s no use just trying to use Windows explorer or even a DVD duplicator system to copy Xbox 360 games – the copies just wont work. Even if you use the best branded media and a high-quality DVD burner, you will still just end up with an unplayable disc. The reason for this is that all Xbox 360 games come with sophisticated copy protection built in to prevent them being pirated.

The problem with this is that there are times when its perfectly justified for you to copy Xbox 360 games. I’m speaking about when you need to do a backup of your expensive original game discs, or when you want to play head to head with your brother in the same room on a multi-player death match. It hardly seems fair that you should have to buy several copies of the same game just to enjoy this. So, how do you get round the copy protection and manage to successfully copy Xbox 360 games at will?

Well, the answer is to buy some specialist copying software. You can now download this software from the web and have it up and running in under 5 minutes. After that, it really is just a 3 step operation to be able to copy any Xbox 360 game in existence. Just put the original in your PC burner, wait for its entire contents to be written to your hard drive, place the blank DVD in the drive and wait until the copying software transfers the disc image to the blank media. Then sit back and enjoy playing your favourite games, safe in the knowledge that you are using a cheap disposable disc that can be regenerated very easily should it get broken or damaged.

The software basically works by copying every single bit of information from the original disc – copy protection and all – onto your blank backup media. This makes your Xbox 360 think its basically an original disc and it will work every time.

So, don’t risk your expensive Xbox 360 games, make a backup and save time, hassle and money using some specialised game copying software.

By Master