TVs have been a part of our homes for over fifty years. This little talking box with pictures has affected many parts of life. While some of the effects may have been negative, others have been very positive.
Television has broadened our worldview. We are able to see how people in the next town as well as the next state or around the world live. For many people, this has opened our eyes so that we can learn that our own way of viewing things may not be the only way.
In the United States, it was once said that fads began on the West coast and then moved east. Today, a fad can begin anywhere and spread out very quickly across the nation. In a large part, this is due to television coverage.
Where would professional or college sports be without television. While there were basketball and baseball leagues previous to television, they were not as popular as they are today. Football would just be How Many People Die From Electrocution A Year another backyard sport if it were not for television. Most people alive today grew up with Sunday afternoon football on television. Sports channels allow us to watch our favorite games almost any time.
Without television, Disneyland would be just another amusement park that rose and fell. Walt knew what he was doing when he filmed documentaries to play on Sunday night during the Wonderful World of Disney on television. In addition to the many other shows that were aired at that time, his documentary enticed people to cross the desert and visit Mickey at his new home in Disneyland.
Think of the effect of television on our vocabulary. Not only have we added words that come from Signs And Symptoms Of Chest Injuries the industry itself, new words spread almost instantly through the media of television.
There were many years that televisions were a very large part of the furnishing of the room. The big console television took a large part of the floor space in the living room. Smaller portable televisions were only for the bedroom. Today flat panel TVs are found everywhere. There is no longer a need to dedicate a large part of the floorspace of the room to the television. They hand on the walls of our rooms like a piece of artwork. These new televisions do not have picture tubes but offer digital pictures that are cleaner and crisper than ever, still showing our favorite shows.

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