How to Quickly Get Rid of the Xbox 360 E74 Message Temporarily – The Quickest Temporary Fix

It can be heartbreaking to turn on your Xbox 360 console and get a flashing red light on the bottom right of the ring that keeps you from playing your games. What this flashing red light means is that you have the Xbox 360 e74 message, one of the most notorious errors the Xbox system faces.

The first thing that will come to your mind if you experience this error message is is how do you fix it. Of course you can send it off to Microsoft for the repairs.

However, most people refuse to do this because they feel it is Microsoft’s fault their experiencing this problem to begin with. Moreover, they feel it’s ridiculous to pay up to $200 plus shipping and handling to fix it.

The Xbox 360 e74 message most often means that your scaler chip has burnt out. The scaler chip is responsible for all the display settings and pictures you see on your screen. The reason this occurs is because of excessive overheating your console will experience.

Fortunately, there is a quick little trick you can try to see if you can get your Xbox 360 back in working condition First you will need to remove any game or harddrive from inside your console. Now plug in and turn on the Xbox 360 console that is suffering from the e74 error.

As soon as the error message appears unplug all the chords from your Xbox console and use about 3 dry towels to wrap your console for around 30 minutes. You will need to listen closely to hear the overheating fan shut off.

Now without the towels let your Xbox 360 console cool for about 30 more minutes. Now you can plug back in your chords, hard drive, insert your game, and begin playing.

However, this is only a temporary fix and it will not solve the real problem which is inside the console. To permanently get rid of the Xbox 360 e74 message you are going to need the assistance of an Xbox 360 repair guide to help you get inside your console and fix the scaler chip.

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