Unfortunately, plumbing is one of many professions that has had its reputation tarnished by traders that do not act responsibly. With that in mind, here are 10 steps to choosing the right plumber for the job at hand.
1. There are often two scenarios for contacting a plumber. One is when we need something installed; the other is if something isn’t working. In either situation it will help to write down a description, to the best of your knowledge, of what needs doing.
2. Choosing the first one you see listed on a business directory is not the best way to choose a plumber. Instead, use an online directory to draw up a shortlist of the tradesmen in your area.
3. Cross reference the list with friends and relatives who might have used them. You may get a good recommendation or be steered off the ones who aren’t so good.
4. To shorten the list further, look for the practitioners that are member of the Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering.
5. Do as much research as you can, including a quick Google search of the names of the company Master Electrician Vs Electrical Engineer and/or individuals to see if previous customers have reviewed their services online.
6. When you’re satisfied, invite a plumber round to have a look and assess the problem/job. You will have to pay a call out fee, in most cases.
7. Ask them to explain what the problem is and listen carefully.
8. Next, ask them for to quote for the job. If it is particularly expensive, they may be able to suggest a cheaper solution to the problem.
9. If it’s a relatively small job, you may be happy to commission them to do the work. However, if the quote is substantial, you may want to consider using the details they mentioned earlier (point 7) to seek quotes elsewhere.
10. When you are ready to commission the work, ask for the quote in writing and ensure the final bill is broken down. That way, there will be no room for inconsistencies between the two figures.
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