How to Fix Xbox 360 Red Lights Without the Hassle of Going to the Manufacturer

When you see 3 red lights on the front of your 360 your Xbox is telling you that a general hardware failure has occurred. This error has more commonly been referred to as The Red Rings of Death (RROD), but don’t let this name scare you. Many people will tell you the only way to repair your system is to resort to the manufacturer; this couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you get this error your Xbox is basically having issues with overheating and due to that, experiences a critical malfunction in the internal hardware. So what can Xbox 360 owners do to fix Xbox 360 red lights so that they can get their system up and running again? To get your console repaired you could spend over $140 and wait a few weeks by sending your system to the manufacturer. And doing this may not necessarily be the best route to go; aside from the outrageous fee’s, and waiting time, many people have reported getting the same error again once they received their systems back from the manufacturer.

It’s because of these very issues that people started thinking outside of the box and came up with a genuine way to fix xbox 360 red lights. These methods were then put into a very easy to follow repair guide that can show you the way to fix your Xbox yourself without going through all the hassle of resorting to the manufacturer. Instead of waiting weeks, how does an hour sound? With the right repair guide this is most certainly possible. And whats even better is this repair permanently repairs your console, eliminating the RROD period.

What Guide to Use

When people ask me what guide to use I will often point them to one of two different repair guides; The 3 Red Light Fix Repair Guide, or the Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Pro Repair Guide. Both do their jobs very well and it really comes down to personal preference which one to use. Both of these guides are easy to understand and can teach you how to fix Xbox 360 red lights from your system in less than an hour. Many other methods floating around the Internet very often have very dangerous consequences to using them, but these guides are not dangerous and have been helping thousands of people for over 2 years repair their consoles.

Everything you need to fix Xbox 360 red lights will be illustrated in the repair guide and all the essential tools you are going to need are shown to you as well. These tools are not expensive and some of them are common household items.

The first phase of the repair consists of removing the case that protects the system’s mother board. The repair guide shows you how to do this safely and easily. Next you’ll have to change the various screws and washers in the console’s mother board to make it sturdier and less susceptible to damage which helps prevent the RROD. Next you will be replacing the old thermal compound with a newer compound and this finishes the process.

All the repairs you must do to fix Xbox 360 red lights are clearly shown in the instructions. Because of these reasons these repair guide have become very popular when a repair for the RROD is needed. It makes the repair of your console easier than you might have originally expected. If it isn’t the 3 red lights that you have on your console, but 2 or 4 don’t fret as this one simple repair covers these errors as well. So make sure to check out this these repair guides to permanently solve your Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Problem.

By Master