How to Fix the Xbox e74 – Easy Fix Solutions to Quickly Have Your Xbox 360 Back Working

The Xbox 360 is a marvelous gaming system which is why millions of people from around the world own one. If you own one of these systems then you know the many errors they develop can out weight all the other good qualities this gaming system has.

There is no other more notorious error that the Xbox gaming console will develop than the e74. The e74 is a general hardware failure which can be caused by a number of things.

In most cases the cause of this error is due to a bad video cable or other times it can be due to the HANA video scaler chip. We will be covering a few different e74 easy fix solutions you can use for this error on your Xbox 360.

One of these e74 easy fix solutions involves simply unplugging the AV cable. You should plug out the AV cable from your console and blow out any dust that may have built up in the connections. Now plug back in the AV cable and turn on your system.

If you are still experiencing this e74 error then you should try and get a brand new AV cable. You should try borrowing one from a friend first just to check and see if this is really the problem so you don’t go out and buy a new cable and it doesn’t solve the issue. Once you have a new cable replace it with the old one and turn on your console to see if the e74 error is still occurring.

If this error is still being displayed then you now know it has nothing to do with your cables and you must get inside your console to fix the general hardware failure, which more than likely has something to do with the HANA video scaler chip.

Now you can spend a few hundred dollars and send it off to Microsoft for the repairs, but you must know that you can fix this problem yourself. Don’t scare yourself into thinking this is hard because to repair your console on your own is surprisingly simple.

Just like with any other error the Xbox 360 develops, the e74 error is due to your console overheating. When your gaming console begins to over heat it will eventually damage the internal components of your Xbox 360 such as the HANA video scaler chip.

Now to solve this overheating problem you must simply get inside your console and modify the cooling system to allow more heat to be released while you play your games. All you need to accomplish this repair is the use of some basic household tools you should already have.

The amount of time you need to complete these repairs is about an hour. Now compare that to the 2 month waiting period Microsoft will put you through just to repair the same problems. So the best e74 easy fix solution is to make the necessary repairs yourself.

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