How To Fix An Xbox – Keeping Your Xbox 360 Cool

The Xbox 360 has had many problems but the most prevalent is it burning out due to it becoming too hot. Microsoft has admitted that they weren’t prepared and released their system too early. Some people still own the earlier versions of the Xbox 360 and are looking for ways to prevent their Xbox 360 from breaking down. For these gamers, keeping their system cool is vital.

If you owned your Xbox 360 for some time, then you may have realized that at times the system gets too hot if you play for an extended period of time. This is exactly what happens when a graphic intensive game such as Halo is being played on the system. The problem is commonly known as “the red ring of death” as the system displays a red ring to warn about a problem.

The first thing you need to do to prevent such problems is to make sure that the cooling vents are not blocked. Most people put their system in shelves or book cases which is cramped and doesn’t have any air flow. What happens is that the heat dissipated from the system doesn’t really have much space to dissolve and builds up if your system is put in an enclosed area. This is a bigger problem if you leave your system on carpets, pillows, or a bed as these surfaces build heat very quickly.

Second, you can try placing the Xbox 360 on the side when you are using it. This allows the heat to be dissipated as leaving it in its original position keeps it in contact with the ground. The heat can easily build up since it is blocked off by the ground surface. If you’re worried about it toppling over, you can have something anchor it to make sure it’s safe.

Third, you can use a small external fan near the vents to help cool the system. If you go with this option, you will probably have to place your system on the side so the vents are exposed. The fan cools the hardware inside and also helps the heat dissipate faster. The problem with the Xbox is that the cooling fans inside just aren’t enough to handle the job.

So those are some of the things you can do to keep your Xbox 360 cool. Although some of the things outlined can be tedious, it will extend the life of your Xbox and keep it from burning up. Taking the action steps outlined in this article is much better than spending over $100 on a new system. Repairing is also an issue because it takes around 2 months for you to get back your system if you find that your system has broken down due to a cooling problem. That’s why it’s recommended that you take the initiative to keep your system cool.

By Master