If you’re a homeowner in Portland Oregon and you’re looking for an electrician, you’ve come to the right place. As a homeowner you need electrical work done periodically. How do you find that perfect electrical company to do your work? How do you find a reliable electrician who will fix your problems and not charge a fortune to do the work?
First of all, you should get a few bids on your project. This will keep the electrical contractor honest and give you a chance to meet and get a feel for Auto Electrical Course several electricians. You just may not mesh well with some. When you find one you feel good about, you can move to the next level – checking references.
Once you’re comfortable with one or two contractors, ask them for references. These will be people who they’ve done work for in the past. Call two or three of these past customers and ask questions regarding the electrician’s timeliness, cleanliness, and overall performance. Would they hire him again in the future?
The next step is to check with the local Construction Contractor’s Board to see if the contractor’s license, bond, and liability Wireman Tools Name insurance is current. You can also check for any outstanding claims or past claims that weren’t settled properly.
Another important thing to check is if they have current worker’s compensation insurance for their employees. If the electrician has no employees, he’s not required to carry worker’s compensation insurance. If he does have employees, make sure his Worker’s Compensation Insurance is current. If an employee gets hurt and the contractor doesn’t have that insurance, you could be personally liable to cover medical costs.
So do your homework and follow the suggestions above, and you’ll find just the right person to do you electrical work.

By Master