Selecting, purchasing and installing a home entertainment can be a very time and energy intensive project. As a result, many homeowners just don’t have the energy or motivation to go about hiding all of the wires after the theatre system is in place. Because you probably spent a good amount of money on your setup, you owe it to yourself to spend a little time making it look as good as possible. Each setup is different, but hiding and organizing your wires can be as easy or as extensive a project as you want to make it. The result is a clean, professional, great looking home theatre system that you can be proud of.
Cable Organization
The best place to start when hiding your unsightly cables is organization. For more basic setups, this just requires some simple cleanup. Take advantage of cable ties, organizers, and other organizational devices to help keep all of your cables together. This works especially well if you have an entertainment center with an open back. You can then use cable ties to run bundles of cables behind components, table legs or other obstructions so that they are no longer seen.
Organization can be much easier with a closed-back entertainment center. Rather than bundling everything together, you can organize your cables Electronic Repair Workshop with cable tacks or screw hooks on the back of the console. Because it has a closed back, most of your cables are naturally hidden.
Hiding Your Cables
After you have organized your cables, there are many things that you can do to completely Electrical Muscle Stimulation Side Effects hide them. What you ultimately do depends on the way your system is set up.
If you have a wall-mounted television, there are several options for hiding your cables. If you are able to, think about having an electrician install an electrical outlet directly behind the TV. While they are they, they can also help you run your component cables through the wall and back into your components. You are left with a very clean looking setup with nearly no visible wires.
Hiding Your Components
If you want to achieve the cleanest, most minimal look possible, consider hiding your components as well as your wiring. This works best if you have a nearby room or closet to put everything in. You will also need to look into the equipment you will need to repeat the IR signals from your remotes back to your equipment. While this requires a little more work and planning, it can pay off when done properly. After running all of your cables through the wall and into your new, designated component space, you are left with nothing but your television visible in the room. Get ready for everyone who comes over to ask you how you did it. Make sure to work with an electrician or other professional to make sure that you cover all your bases. There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours on relocating your components, just to find out that you left something out.
Whether you are looking for the complete minimal setup, or just a less cluttered entertainment system, this type of project can be anything that you make it to be. Although relocated components and an ultra hidden setup may appeal to some, others prefer to keep everything close at hand. Whichever route you choose to take, spending some time cleaning, organizing and hiding the wires in your entertainment system will make the whole space appear more functional, clean and well thought out.

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