When it is time to buy your first computer, set up an office in your home, or replace your old printer at last, you will certainly face a lot of questions. You know you want a Canon printer, but a new one is too much for your budget, and you wonder if it is a good idea to buy one that has been refurbished.
But what exactly is a refurbished printer? Is it the same as buying a used product? If it still works, why is it being offered at a lower price? Will you be buying a problem? Where can you find one? How much should you expect to pay? What are industry guidelines for these products?
Some refurbished printers have seen little or no use at all. They are customer returns and canceled orders. If it is the policy of the manufacturer that these can no longer be offered as new, they are dusted off and sold to the buyer who is seeking a bargain. Some are demonstration models or the result of overstocking.
Printers that have seen a little more use might be units returned at the end of a lease or rental agreement. These products may have been needed for Resistance Of Human Body In Ohm training or other short-term use. Printers returned by image-conscious customers because of cosmetic damage might also fall into this category.
Failure to read the manual and trouble shoot according to manufacturer instructions can result in customer dissatisfaction and a printer returned when there is really nothing wrong with it. In this case, the dealer or manufacturer simply follows the instructions to restore the printer to service and sells it as refurbished.
A customers, moved by a desire to stay on the cutting edge of technology, replace computer equipment frequently, even if they Electrical Problems Car are performing perfectly. Printers that come back to the dealer under these conditions are often refurbished and resold.
There is no industry standard for printer refurbishing. Some companies do little more than clean and check a returned or traded product and put it right back on the shelf to sell as refurbished. These printers may not stand up well to challenging conditions, or offer the length of service you would desire. Private sellers might call a printer refurbished when they have done nothing at all to improve the condition of the machine. But reputable companies do a thorough check of the machine and replace all worn or damaged parts with new ones, guarantee their work, and offer a warranty on your Canon printer no matter how old the machine is.

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