What exactly is a journeyman electrician even mean? A journeyman is simply someone who just finished their apprenticeship in a specific field. For an electrician, an apprenticeship can last up to 3-5 years before you can become a journeyman electrician or search for journeymen electrician jobs. What are the added responsibilities of this status change?
You will have much more responsibility to specialize in the wiring of buildings, machines, and other equipment. Aviation is another industry that uses electricians to the fullest extent. As a journeyman you will usually be in charge of other apprentices telling them what to do and helping them accomplish the work to very high standards. Apprentices are usually in electrician school and cannot work full time. As journeyman you no longer have to go to school and can work full time to accomplish the jobs at hand.
You should try and have a lot of your own tools when you graduate from your apprenticeship. Try and have tools such as; step bit, power tools, crimping tools, solonoid voltmeter, megger, multimeter, rotosplit, wire strippers, and needle Electrical Online Projects nose pliers. These tools are essential to doing your job and most electricians have their own tools so that they can work with the tools they like and not have to be strapped down by company mandates that make you use company tools.
If you become a journeyman electrician, you can plan on making $49K per year to start and you have the ability Electricians Qualifications to make up to $75K a year with experience and by working for a company for a long period of time.

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