There has been a recent paradigm shift into the age of electronics. In this day and age we have been more interested with the idea of convenience and making things in our lives simpler. There are new electronics being released daily such as; cell phones, mp3 players, computers, cars, televisions, video game consoles, etc. Most people are trying to keep up with the times and purchase new electronics. I can personally attest to wanting to have the latest technology. The spectacle it creates in the T.V ads, and how it is marketed to be more convenient for everyone! Now, most cell phones have an application that will not only give you directions, but will navigate you to your destination. There are also several websites that you can go to, that will provide directions for you to print out directions to your destination. The funny thing is, is that the new maps application on the cell phone is now taking place of us even having to print something out from the computer!
The age of the electronic user is also starting to significantly decline as well. Now mobile communication devices (cell phones) are being marketed to kids as young as 5 years old! If they do not have a cell or a computer chances are they might have a Wii, PlayStation, Game Boy, Nintendo, etc. And the ages of kids who play video games is dependent on the age they are able to begin to use it, and the age parents feel it is OK to expose them to it.
All of this fun and convenience does have a cost aside from the monetary value. It’s our health! These electronic items are actually pollutants. EMF’s (Electromagnetic frequencies) are the invisible hazard constantly bombarding you. “Electromagnetic pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it’s invisible & insensible.” Andrew Weil, M.D., Author of several bestsellers. We haven’t seen it and the government hasn’t informed us properly so most of us are not aware of its existence. Just think, there were no tests done and released by the FDA warning us about the negative cell phone effects before they were released. The government hired Dr. George Carlo to conduct studies to see if cell phones had a negative effect on its users. They really wanted him to prove cell phones were ok. His findings were just the opposite! He found that the increase in cell usage has major detrimental effects on the human body. He was able to link genetic damage, leakage in the blood brain barrier, cell membrane damage and disruption of cellular communication all to the use of the cell phone. About 80% of illnesses are stress related. Why are more & more doctors realizing the destructive effects of stress on the body? Stress is being identified as a major contributor to diseases. Hans Selye, M.D., D.Sc, the father of stress-health research at the American Stress Institute, states:
80% of illness in high-tech societies Electrical Repair Work is stress related.
43% of adults suffer adverse health from stress.
75-90% of doctor visits are stress related
Early stress symptoms include: sweating, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, muscle tension, headaches, irritability, and mood swings. Chronic stress symptoms include: high blood pressure, indigestion, ulcers, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, fatigue, and depression.
Studies have shown that EMF’s can also influence hyperactivity, cancer and other ailments as well. Dr’s have been diagnosing children more and more with ADD and ADHD. Children are then prescribed drugs to take that have the potential to have negative side effects that will grow with them as long as they are medicated. Children’s bodies are more susceptible to diseases because their bodies are underdeveloped and their brains are more malleable then that of an adult. Children’s entertainment has become more electronic based during this paradigm shift as well. They are playing video games, watching T.V., and on the computer more than ever before. I remember when my parents used to say go outside and play. Now-a-days parents are buying their kids a Wii and they are playing tennis, and much more right in the living room! This increase in exposure to EMF’s can be attributed to their hyper activity. I’m not making a causal statement and saying one is directly causing the other. I am saying that the increase in exposure to EMF’s can attribute to hyperactivity and should not be overlooked by doctors when they diagnose ADD and ADHD. This exposure alone can attribute to these issues significantly. They decided that it was important for the child’s (and adult) sake to keep them away from the harmful frequencies as much as possible. However, the USA is now adding Wi-Fi into schools.
Let me explain technically exactly how we are being effected by the EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency). When the cell is faced with the EMF it attempts to protect itself by going into “lock down”. This means the microtubules (the tubes in the cell membranes that make the cell able to rid of toxins and intake nutrients) close down and the cell membrane hardens. When this happens the cell is not able to get rid of toxins it harbors, nor is the cell capable of taking in the proper nutrients it needs in order to replicate itself in a healthy manner. If the cell is on lock down it is not able to replicate and make new DNA. In order for the cells to replicate in a healthy manner the cell membrane needs to remain permeable (open for waste to leave and nutrients to come in). This cannot happen if the cell is in lock down. If by chance the DNA is not properly transferred there could be a probability a mutation could occur. A mutation is a mistake that is made in the copying of DNA. When a mutation occurs there is a chance it can metastasize (grow) and replicate on its own. This is what may lead to tumors and cancer. An electro-encephalogram (EEG) measures the brainwaves’ electrical energy. (If you’ve studied quantum physics, then you know your body contains other complex energy frequencies). These natural bio energies are disrupted by static interference from subtle EMF’s. If you can find a way to strengthen your natural bio energies, then your nervous system impulses can resist being overpowered by EMF-stress and even mental stress (in the form of negative mental thoughts).
I’m sure we have all experienced driving down the road in your car listening to the radio. You then pass under an electrical power line that crosses the street. Suddenly, your radio signal changes into an irritable, chaotic, hissing sound. If a power line can cause static interference to your radio signals, then imagine what living near an electrical, microwave, or cell phone transmitter tower can do to your brainwave signals! A few years ago I worked for a Bio Tech. Co. that produced products that protected our bodies from the EMF. They also helped our body become more resilient to the effects of the stress. I spoke with customers who were living normal healthy lives and then had a cell tower put up near their homes. Months later they reported a significant decrease in their health and energy levels. They also described a lot of symptoms that I afore mentioned as early stress symptoms. It was shocking to speak first hand with these people because it solidified the idea that this is truly happening. However, we are not being properly informed and warned about the problem. Cell phone companies and electronic manufacturers are making billions of dollars, so why would they inform the public of health effects when they want us to remain their consumers? They want the money, that’s why!
Are you perhaps skeptical that EMF’s really cause stress and fatigue? Well here is a way to test if EMF’s really harm you. Turn on your TV, place your head with one ear against the screen. And, place both hands against the screen. Now, hold them there for a few minutes until you start to get a splitting headache! Then, remember that the TV is one of many electrical appliances bombarding you. (Also, some hairdryers, when held by the TV screen, emit EMF’s strong enough to distort the picture.) I always remember my parents saying, “Don’t sit so close to the TV.” But, I never asked why, I just listened and moved back. Many researchers have concluded that EMF exposure over a long period of time can cause health damage, cumulatively, much like cigarette smoking.
I know it is unrealistic to say you will get rid of all your electronics and go back to cave life. I am just trying to help you make an informed decision about your (and your family) health choices. Reducing your exposure is best. Talking less on your cell phone can help. Texting more than talking helps. When talking on your cell phone the EMF waves impact 6″ into your blood brain barrier. This means the radiation penetrates your head 6″ when talking. Tip for pregnant women, BAD idea to put a cell phone near your belly! We all received little booklets about our phone in the box when we first buy it. Go get your booklet and read the fine print toward the back of the booklet. There is a recommendation to hold the cell phone a few inches away from your head when talking! This recommendation a lone tells us something wrong is going on. Why don’t they show people in cell phone ads with the phone a few inches away from their heads? The reason is, they want us to purchase the phones, and feel safe that the phone isn’t harmful. The more bars you have on your phone, the more strength it has and Wi-Fi capability, the more harm it can do. I definitely recommend that you don’t sleep with the cell phone in bed. When people wear Bluetooth all day and they’re not on the phone is a whole another issue. The Bluetooth needs its own battery. This is giving off electropollution directly into your head as long as you wear it. Every time I see a person who wears a Bluetooth I ask them if they are on the phone (unless it is obvious they are). If not, I educate them quickly about how it could be potentially harmful and only to use it when on the phone.
Another way to help is to reduce the impact. There are products on the market sold by companies like QLink, BioPro Technology and many more that help protect the body from electropollution. Also, increasing your intake of antioxidants helps as well. Antioxidants are like a little army that sacrifice themselves Electrician Degree Requirements to make sure that free radicals are eradicated and that the cells can replicate in a healthy manner. It is best to do your research. Instead of waiting to kill unhealthy cells (chemotherapy), why not take good care of the healthy cells you have now! Create a solution and don’t wait around for the problem.

By Master