If you are interested in becoming an electrician, you’ll be glad to know that there are a variety of training options. Most people choose a combination of an educational program and an apprenticeship. There are a number of joint training committees that sponsor training and apprenticeship programs, including the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and local chapters of the Associated Builders and Contractors.
These electrician programs last around four years, and include more than 140 hours of classroom education and approximately 2,000 hours of hands-on training per year. Classes include math, science, blueprint reading, electrical theory, first aid and safety. The classroom setting and training depend on the school and the company sponsoring the apprenticeship.
There are a number of programs available that allow student electricians to start in the classroom before moving on to an apprenticeship. It’s up to you whether or not you want to receive the education and hands-on training at the same time. One option is to start out as a helper on job sites, and then Types Of Electrotherapy work your way into an apprenticeship program. The training begins on a basic level and progresses over time. Some students actually choose to train first. These students are usually hired at a more advanced level than those who choose to obtain their education and hands-on training simultaneously.
What can you expect during your hands-on electrician training? Typically, beginners start out doing basic tasks such as setting anchors and drilling holes. This can lead to setting up Definition Of Electrical Conductor wiring, drawing diagrams, and so on. Over the course of your apprenticeship, you will learn and master all of the tasks and skills necessary for working as a professional electrician.
Once you receive your license, you can begin your career as an electrician. Continuing education is available if you are interested in a specific type of job. There are safety programs, management training programs, and manufacturer-specific education programs available for electricians who want advanced education.

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