An electrician is a tradesman who specializes in electrical wiring. Depending upon his license, he can wire homes, commercial buildings, and many other related equipment. This trained professional may be hired for new installations or repair and replace existing wiring. There are steps to become an electrician.
In the beginning stages, you are a helper. A helper is told what to do. Go get this or go get pipe or conduit. Over many months, you learn the lingo of the profession.
The next step, you become an apprentice. At this stage, you start installing receptacles. Job Description Of Senior Electrician You learn to do things and the reason why. You begin to understand a portion of code.
The third phase you become a journeyman. At this step, you are told what to do by a master electrician. You know enough about circuits, commercial wiring and can handle the job before them.
An electrician is the final step. Many professional do not achieve that extensive training. Some electricians Enterprise Electric Enterprise Or do the same thing over and over like wiring houses. They have never run circuits for motor equipment.
There are different phases of being an electrician
o Residential
o Commercial
o Industrial
o Marine
o Control phase
o Electronic phase
A licensed electrician worked hard to achieve the status of a licensed professional. If he wants to keep his license, he will keep his work up to code to prevent harm or danger in any situation. He will guarantee his work.
Training to become a professional is longer than training to become a doctor. Yet, many people want to skip steps and cut corners. Becoming an electrician is not brain surgery but this trade is equally important to your safety and well being.

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