Without the use of electricity and harnessed energy to power the world life would look much different. Electricity is used in almost every aspect of today’s society, which is making it a popular career field to enter. The need to constantly improve energy technology and find effective usable sources drives this industry by creating a high level of innovation. Online education can be applied to work experience from a number of electrician and energy trade schools.

Work incorporates a wide range of activities from maintenance to construction. Professionals work with everything including:

electrical systems

power plants

telephone lines

electronic repairs

With the push from consumers to have multiple options to choose from for electrical and energy needs professionals are finding themselves in the leading position on advancing technology. These areas of expansion are encompassing new forms of energy like solar power, ethyl alcohol, and methane. Specific areas of work are targeted by online courses that teach students about construction, safety, and math. Coursework involves learning about:

electrical circuits

electrical systems

gases Circuit Breaker Electrical Diagram


service repairs

Students have multiple opportunities to find online schools that offer specific areas of study in both the construction and maintenance side of this profession.

Learning is focused on preparing students for licensing requirements. Professionals are required to pass examinations on subject matter such as electrical procedures, codes, and theories. Students have a few options to choose from when it comes to how they want to earn an education. Certificate programs and diplomas are available through online learning. Work experience is highly valuable, Industrial Electrician Salary California which makes obtaining an apprenticeship standard for a career. Working through an apprenticeship is the best overall way to prepare for certification exams. However, many students are choosing to combine a certificate program with an apprenticeship. This is a practical option because students gain standard knowledge from schooling and work experience through the apprenticeship.

Students who decide to approach a combined learning program should research the best certificate program to enter. Entering a program pushes back an apprenticeship approximately a month or two. Depending on the program some may be shorter or longer.

A certificate may break down learning into three or four sections to give students an in depth background.

A program with three sections could include a number of different course options. In the first section basic knowledge about electrical and energy theory is integrated with practical concepts. These concepts may include national electrical code, conduit bending, wiring, and circuitry.

The second section teaches students advanced conduit bending, power distribution, and over-current protection. The finishing section is also based on advanced concepts that can include industrial controls and electronic control technology.

After completion students can step into a three to five year apprenticeship to learn how to perform all work duties and gain practical experience.

Becoming a part of this fast growing industry is readily available through a number of accredited online programs. Accrediting agencies like the Distance Education and Training Council ( ) can provide proof that the program you choose will provide a quality education in your desired field. Deciding on an electrician and energy trade school is easier with online resources allowing students to view a typical program layout. Students need to research all their options to make the right decision for their career goals. Students should find the best schooling program for them and start today.

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