I was using the vacuum in the house this week. I cleaned the entire 2200 square foot house. A stench engulfed my head. I realized the motor in the vacuum was overheated. The unit is over 4 years old. My natural response was to see if the roller was still working. It was still moving. It may be time to get another vacuum. The motor is not performing so well. I am an electrician. I also engineer circuitry for my customers daily. The 1st step in troubleshooting equipment is identifying the cause of the problem. I found the paperwork on the device. The motor utilizes Industrial Electrician Career Path 12 amps of electricity during usage. I investigated the wire feeding my machine. It was 18 gauge. This wire is rated for 15 amps in some applications. However, when attached to a continuous duty motor, the wire should probably be 14 gauge or better. I will not rewire appliances. My friend installed a lamp cord to a shop light. He attached a 100 watt bulb to the light. After leaving this light on all night, the small cord burned into one day. The light and the vacuum were not designed to run continuously. Over the years, I have abused the appliances I use.

3 tips to preserve household appliances:

Monitor the device’s temperature and it’s feeder wire’s temperature.

Replacement parts must meet or exceed requirements of the appliance.

Today I don’t abuse my equipment.

I have been in the contracting business for years. I buy electric tools everyday. I have learned the value of appliance preservation. I instruct my workers to make sure the drills motors don’t get over worked. We inspect the wiring continuously. I even use multiple sets to allow longevity of life. Remember, when replacing parts on any appliance, you must provide quality replacement parts. The appliance has a U.L. listing. This means that an engineer has approved the device Essential Electrician Tools to be in your home. I always use parts that meet or exceed the requirements of the device. The best solution to keep your things in working order is proper use. The vacuum is designed to clean. The one I purchased cost $400 in 2009. The device was not designed to run for 3 hours non stop. It will. The longevity of life decreases every time I abuse it. I also have to remember read the instruction manual. The manual explains optimal operating conditions for my equipment.

By Master